3. “Welcome to the Doghouse” with Michael Ritz

Today’s interview takes place with Michael Ritz, ’71, President of the St. James Alumni Association. The story of the St. James High School Bulldogs did not end with the closing of the high school in 1993.  The school’s alumni association has continued to raise funds and make an impact in the community for almost 25 years. Michael informs us that the Bulldogs have provided support to closed Catholic high schools around the country. Many of these schools have modeled their organizations after the Bulldogs.

Michale informs us that membership is strong with 1,600 active members. The Bulldogs have awarded over $1 million in tuition assistance to students in Catholic Schools. They currently support students with scholarships at five Philadelphia Archdiocesan High Schools.

Want more Bulldogs? See a brief video of the Dog House and hear from some of the members by visiting YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrKZ7uUzcJM.