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25. Getting Ready for a Diocesan Campaign

Published: August 11, 2019

Questions that everyone asks…

In Diocesan Campaigns, Parishes and dioceses must work together to create a partnership that speaks to parishioners in the pew. In the midst of today’s Church climate, Catholic fundraising continues to raise millions around the country. Today, our expert consultants cover these popular questions and more.

  • What is the role of the Bishop?
  • Why is a Feasibility Study important?
  • How do you get parishes excited about the campaign?
  • Can a diocesan campaign further leverage your team?
  • How do you determine a financial split between parishes and their diocese?
  • What is the impact on your Diocesan Appeal?

Furthermore, our conversation also delves into how understanding the culture of a parish and having flexibility creates an atmosphere of success for a campaign. We cover some of the dos and don’ts a diocese should consider when developing a capital campaign. We also discuss how a campaign consultant can help a pastor recruit volunteers for the campaign. Lastly, hear about how one diocese successfully dealt with the launch of the PA Grand Jury Report in the middle of a diocesan campaign.

Despite the current climate in our Church, Changing Our World is successfully working with Catholic Dioceses around the county to raise millions of dollars for local needs. These efforts are coupled with the fact that our process is building capacity in the organizations we serve. Learn how your diocese could begin to develop a plan to address your needs.

Our Panel of Experts

Join Changing Our World’s expert consultants, Thomas Farrell, Anna Vallez, Shawn Trahan, and your host, Jim Friend, for this thought-provoking discussion. Click on the links of our consultants to learn more about their expertise.

Looking for more information about Diocesan Campaigns? Please contact Jim Friend for more information. Next week, learn how the Diocese of Camden created a pathway to success and raised over $40 Million in the middle of the PA Diocesan Grand Jury announcement.

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