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31. Steven Virgadamo on Catholic School Leadership

Published: September 15, 2019

Today, we finish our exciting three-part “Back to School” series with a terrific show on Catholic School leadership. Today our guest is veteran trainer Steven Virgadamo. Steven discusses the topic of recruiting, training and retaining leaders for Catholic Schools. Steven is an expert trainer of Catholic School Leaders. He is the Executive Director of the Curran Catholic School Leadership Academy and Associate Superintendent for the Archdiocese of New York.

Today Steven talks about the mission of Curran Catholic School Leadership Academy. The Academy trains future Catholic school leaders in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner. Steven reflects on his own formation as a Catholic School leader and shares what is needed for a leader to be successful in today’s competitive market. Steve discusses the difference between a good Catholic school and a great one. We hope you’ll listen today to learn from Steve’s experience.

About Steven Virgadamo

Steven is a talented and passionate executive with significant breadth and depth of knowledge. He is well known for his expertise in school culture and educational administration. Steven frequently presents on enrollment management, strategic planning, leadership formation, and mission advancement. Steven was the recipient of the 2018 Monsignor John Meyers Presidential Award. Steven’s missionary zeal and leadership counsel have enabled Catholic schools with which he has worked to flourish. Please click here to visit Steven’s full bio with contact information.

Meet Sebastion Lury

We open today’s show by meeting Sebastion Lury, Director at Changing Our World. Sebastion currently serves the Diocese of Green Bay as the Director of Operations for the One by One Campaign. Today, Sebastion tells us about his career and his approach to diocesan campaigns in three different dioceses.

Sebastion joined Changing Our World in December 2015, where he was assigned to a campaign with the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Sebastion directed 14 parishes to complete the campaign successfully. In August 2018, Sebastion joined the team in the Diocese of Albany. In Albany, he served as a campaign director for the Re-Igniting Our Faith campaign. Sebastion improved the office’s performance by implementing a uniform tracking system while working with 23 parishes.

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