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REGISTER HERE: Donors play a crucial role in the vitality of Catholic schools, parishes, dioceses, and faith-based nonprofits through the giving of their time, talents and resources. Join Changing Our World’s Advancing Our Church Podcast for a webinar to discuss strategies for donor retention.

Jim Friend hosts a discussion with CW’s Nick Walsh and Shawn Trahan joined by Michelle Brown, Chief Development Officer at the Independence Mission Schools to discuss cultivating an atmosphere of stewardship, building a process for continued giving, and developing a process of recognition and gratitude.

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Advancing Our Church is a weekly podcast offering new ideas, best practices and stories of people who are making an impact on our Church. A few of the topics that we’ve covered include:

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Advancing Our Church is a production of Changing Our World, a social impact consulting firm advising both nonprofits and corporations for the past 20 years. Changing Our World’s team enables Christian stewardship and permanently enhances the entire fabric of philanthropy. The result is impact you can see and measure in communities where people are living, working, learning and praying.

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