11. Stewardship Committees with Jim Kelley

Parish Stewardship Committees

Today’s topic is forming Parish Stewardship Committees with our guest, Jim Kelley.  We invited Jim because he is an expert on the subject of Stewardship. Jim discusses the focus of Stewardship in a parish and the profile of someone who would join the committee. Jim explains their roles and responsibilities along with the “five M’s” of building a network of resources.  He outlines all of these ideas in a power point presentation that you can download by clicking here

About Jim Kelley

Jim is the Director of Development in the Diocese of Charlotte and the Executive Director of their Catholic Foundation. Mr. Kelley is the author of several books on Stewardship and a national presenter on the topic. Jim served as president on the board of the International Catholic Stewardship Conference.  Jim was the 2000 recipient of the Bishop Connare Award from ICSC. Because of the demand for his experience, Jim has traveled around the world teaching stewardship to parishioners in many different countries. You can reach Jim at (704) 370-3301 or jkkelley@charlottediocese.org

In 1992 the United States Bishops published their pastoral document, Stewardship a Disciples Response. Click here to download the PDF.

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