92. The Roundtable’s New Managing Partner: Moving Forward in Faith

On today’s show, Jim Friend interviews Patrick Markey, the former Executive Director of the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference, who begins this year as the Leadership Roundtable’s inaugural Managing Partner. Markey officially assumes his new role in May 2021 and will lead the nonprofit in its next phase of growth and service to the Catholic Church. Get to know Patrick Markey during this conversation about faith, leadership and the future of our Church.

About Patrick Markey

Markey is a sought-after voice on leadership, finances, and other temporal affairs. He has spent most of his career serving the Church, developing strong relationships with bishops and diocesan leaders across the U.S., and promoting best practices to carry out its mission. Since 2013 he has led the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference, which is the association of Catholic diocesan finance officers in the United States and Canada. Prior to that, he led the Office of National Collections for the USCCB, which oversees nine of the 13 national collections held in almost 17,000 parishes annually, and raises and distributes more than $90 million per year through targeted grant programs.

Please visit the Leadership Roundtable‘s website for more information about their services.

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