91. Mark Conzemius

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Our guest today is Mark Conzemius, President at the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota. Mark has been president of the Foundation since 1994, and during that time he has significantly grown the assets by inviting the faithful of the Diocese of Sioux Falls to leave a legacy of love and faith. Mark has a long history in leadership, relationship development, fundraising, and public speaking, and a deep faith that guides him in this mission. Join Changing Our World‘s Jim Friend for this inspiring discussion and learn how Catholic Stewardship has come alive in Eastern South Dakota.

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Recorded March 6, 2021

About the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls

The Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls was established in 1889 by Pope Leo XIII, and has been a significant presence in eastern South Dakota. For 125 years, it has not only spread the message of the Gospel but has lived the message through its ministries and parishes. Through spiritual and sacramental outreach, educational endeavors, and a commitment to service, the Church has made a difference in people’s lives. They strive to continue this tradition by making the Diocese an even better place to live, learn, work and worship. The Diocese of Sioux Falls is headed by Most Rev. Donald E. DeGrood and numbers over 120,000 baptized members.

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