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90. Cande de Leon, “The Heart of the Mission”

Published: March 08, 2021

Changing Our World‘s Jim Friend talks with Cande de Leon, Executive Director of the Office for Mission Advancement in the Diocese of Phoenix, about his new book, Heart of the Mission: Simple Ways to Bring People to Jesus. In the book, Cande shows what it takes to get back on track. With wisdom and humor born of his own experience, he shows how our Christian mission always begins and ends with people. To help us live this in our daily life and work, he guides us through three transformational principles for ministry and life: Strengthening relationships, Boldly growing engagement, and Connecting people to the mission.

Whether you are a pastor, part of a parish staff, or a volunteer at your home parish, these principles apply to you. Because if we really want to make transformational change in our Church and our world, we first have to recognize the people in front of us — who they are, what they need, what gifts God has given them, and how he is inviting them to participate in the mission of the Church. Not merely another program to transform your parish, this book offers a simple yet radical invitation to roll up your sleeves and make a difference by getting back to basics.

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About Cande de Leon

Cande de Leon has served as executive director of the Office of Mission Advancement for the Diocese of Phoenix since 2016. He leads a team committed to advancing the mission of Christ through stewardship, evangelization, and discipleship formation. He spent seven years in the Diocese of Corpus Christi serving as the director of parish stewardship and development, where he raised over $37 million (with a goal of $18 million) for the Legacy of Faith ~ Future of Hope Capital & Endowment Campaign. Cande has been married to his wife, Rosemary, for 23 years. They have four daughters.

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Recorded February 26, 2021

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