123. Tom Smith – Modeling Good Stewardship

This week we welcome Tom Smith, Director of Development for the Archdiocese of Newark. Tom began this new role in October 2021 and is enjoying being back in his home diocese. Tom and Jim discuss his role in the diocese, working with Cardinal Tobin, and how his parishes have been moving forward during these challenging economic and turbulent times in our world. Tom is a model of good stewardship and a very experienced Development professional and he offers some great advice for working through these challenges. Tom and Jim conducted this interview in person in Tom’s office in Newark, New Jersey. We think you will enjoy their conversation.

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Changing Our World, Inc.

Changing Our World proudly offers the Advancing Our Church Podcast as an ongoing thought leadership series designed to further the mission of the Catholic Church through evolving discussions on stewardship, leadership, and advancement. We hope you find these podcasts educational and informative.

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