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33. Fundraising Q & A Discussion

Published: October 06, 2019

This week we tackle many common fundraising questions that our consultants are asked often. Jim Friend is joined by a talented group of Changing Our World fundraising consultants, including Brandi Holys, Diana Curren, and Ray Witkowski, for this informative roundtable session. Some of the questions the group discusses include:

  • Why do people Give?* When is the best time to fundraise?
  • How can I stop marketing and communications from overlapping with my appeals?
  • How do I find not only more donors but more donors that are the right fit for my organization?
  • Why do I have to use a specific ask amount?
  • What’s the best way to steward a donor? How important is donor recognition?
  • How often should I be in contact with my donors…before and after their gift?
  • How often should I be communicating with my donors?
  • How important is online giving?
  • How important are special events? How can I leverage my special events?

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