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12. Faith in the Future Foundation

Published: September 19, 2017

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia signed a historic management agreement with the Faith in the Future Foundation in 2012. The contract granted oversight of 17 Catholic High Schools and four schools of Special Education.  Archbishop Chaput’s bold move engaged the laity in this first of a kind partnership that captured the attention of the entire country.  This episode visits Faith in the Future 5 years after the signing of the agreement. The podcast will offer an update on the progress, the challenges, and the road ahead.  Today’s show will offer various perspectives on this important milestone. You will hear from Bishop Michael Fitzgerald, Ed Hanway, Casey Carter and more. For more information about Faith in the Future, please visit their publications page.

July 2023 Update: After 10 years of service, the management agreement between Faith in the Future and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia ended in 2023.

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