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2. Fr. Michael White

Published: April 23, 2017

Part Two of our interview at Nativity Parish. Join Jim Friend as he visits Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland. In the interview with Fr. Michael White, Pastor and Brandon Hollern, Director of Finances, talk about their journey as a stewardship parish. During the interview, Fr. White shares how his view of stewardship has evolved over the years to what he sees as a healthier view. Brandon shares his personal experience of hearing the message of stewardship and then how the parish has implemented its approach using the four “P’s” The episode finishes with a beautiful letter from one of Fr. White’s parishioners, explaining how they have grown in their faith because of the welcoming atmosphere at Nativity.

Background: Fr. Michael White and his pastoral associate, Tom Corcoran, I authored Rebuilt (Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame In: Winter 2013). Rebuilt is all about awakening the faithful, reaching the lost, and making church matter. It tells the story of changing consumer church culture and growing a healthy Catholic parish. Simply stated, it’s about changing our focus from who’s in the pews to who’s not in the pews. Health and growth are the outcomes we’ve experienced.

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