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148. William Murley Biblical Responsible Investing

Will Murley is a Financial Advisor who specializes in helping Catholics make a holistic financial plan, give to charitable organizations, and invest according to USCCB guidelines. Will shares his experience of being a missionary and how he used to raise money. He also shares how he helps Catholic families choose investments that align with the Church’s teachings and values. Learn some of the common obstacles that Will sees to financial planning for Catholic families and how to overcome them and how he counsels families in making decisions about their philanthropy. Will is originally from Central Florida. After college, Will was a Catholic missionary and worked in ministry for four years. As a husband and father, Will enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and deepening his relationship with the Lord through his Catholic faith.

Disclaimer: Professionally, Will Murley is a Financial Advisor with Equitable Advisors, L.L.C., a broker-dealer and FINRA and S.I.P.C member firm. Will Murley is also an investment advisor representative with Equitable Advisors, L.L.C., an SEC-registered investment advisor, and an insurance agent with Equitable Network, L.L.C. It’s important for Will Murley to point out that his talk here today is/was not intended and should not be relied upon as a solicitation, recommendation, or offer of any insurance, investment, or other financial product or service, nor should any part of my presentation here today be relied upon as any form of financial advice.

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Recorded: February 2024

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