29. The Future of Catholic Education

Catholic Education Experts

Join Changing Our World‘s Brian Crimmins and Matt Russell, the Chief Advancement and Business Development Officer for the National Catholic Educational (NCEA) as we consider the future of Catholic education in the United States. This presentation was originally delivered as a webinar in April 2019. The conversation was a continuation of a discussion that was first explored during the inaugural NCEA Elizabeth Ann Seton Philanthropy Symposium in Washington, D.C. during the fall of 2018.

Today’s Show

The discussion today will describe how leaders nationwide are paving the way for the future of Catholic Education. These transformative leaders are showing us the way forward, not in words but in action. These pioneers are collaborating to find solutions to our Catholic schools’ most urgent challenges. To view the full webinar, please visit Changing Our World’s website. You can also download the full NCEA Report.

Matt Russell started his career with NCEA in August 2012, as the associate director of secondary schools. Just a few months later NCEA promoted Matt to director in December 2012. Matt took over the role of director of institutional development in 2014. Before starting his career with NCEA, Matt served as the director of scholarships and secondary programs for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He also has served as a principal, head of school and a teacher. He holds a Master of Science in educational administration from St. Johns University and a Bachelor of Arts from George Washington University.

If you would like to hear more podcasts about Catholic Education, visit our Catholic Ed Podcast page and scroll down. If you’d like more information about Changing Our World’s extensive work in Catholic Education, please contact our host, Jim Friend.

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