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85. The Procedo Project

Published: January 31, 2021

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

On today’s show, Changing Our World‘s Jim Friend and Fred Roberts have a conversation with Alex Urrea, Managing Partner and Director of Educape and, CEO of The Procedo Project and Andrea Chavez-Kopp, Chief Learning Officer for The Procedo Project. The Procedo Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop, implement and curate innovative models of Catholic education. Their goal is to partner to build capacity toward self-sustaining Catholic schools, serving as beacons for innovative academic and operational practice while continuing to be inspirational communities of faith.

Alex and Andrea talk about the resources at Eduscape and the mission of The Procedo Project. They also share information about their upcoming conference, Forefront 2021; an event focused on Catholic Schools with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The keynote for Forefront 2021 is Peter H. Reynolds, Author, and Illustrator for several books and series, including JUDY MOOT, THE DOT, BE YOU, SAY SOMETHING, and more. Learn more about Forefront 2021.

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