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On today’s show, Changing Our World‘s Jim Friend and Fred Roberts have a conversation with Alex Urrea, Managing Partner and Director of Educape and, CEO of The Procedo Project and Andrea Chavez-Kopp, Chief Learning Officer for The Procedo Project. The Procedo Project is a nonprofit organizatiion with a mission to develop, implement and curate innovative models of Catholic education. Their goal is to partner to build capacity toward self-sustaining Catholic schools, serving as beacons for innovative academic and operational practice while continuing to be inspirational communities of faith.

Alex and Andrea talk about the resources at Eduscape and the mission of The Procedo Project. They also share information about their upcoming conference, Forefront 2021; an event focused on Catholic Schools with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The keynote for Forefront 2021 is Peter H. Reynolds, Author, and Illustrator for several books and series include JUDY MOODY, THE DOT, BE YOU, SAY SOMETHING, and more. Learn more about Forefront 2021.

Alex Urrea
Managing Partner and Director of Eduscape &

CEO of The Procedo Project

Alex is the son of Colombian immigrants who emigrated to the U.S. in 1966 and shortly became U.S. citizens, entrepreneurs and now grandparents to six grandchildren pursuing higher education. He credits his grandmother with grounding him in Catholic faith and still remembers his first day at American Martyrs School in Bayside, NY when she cried with joy at the sight of seeing him in his uniform for the first time. He is the product of 18 years of Catholic schools and universities. It is his lifelong appreciation and passion for Catholic education that compelled him to launch The Procedo Project.

Alex has founded two education companies and is currently the Managing Partner of Eduscape, a professional learning organization that has impacted nearly 800,000 educators in the U.S. and 23 other countries. At Eduscape, he leads a team of innovative, former classroom teachers who develop and deliver exemplary learning experiences for teachers across several disciplines, including EdTech integration, Early Education, STEM, SEL and Cultural Competency. He is also the founding President of his community’s educational foundation, Chair of the West Bergen Mental Health Foundation and Co-Founder of the Innovative Catholic Schools Network.

Andrea D. Chavez-Kopp
Chief Learning Officer, Procedo Project

Andrea brings 20 years of experience to The Procedo Project as a nationally recognized expert and thought leader in the field of Catholic education, particularly in the area of digital transformation. Andrea began her teaching career in 2000 as a high school social studies teacher at St. John Neumann Catholic High School in Naples, FL. Andrea also served as Confirmation Coordinator and High School Youth Minister for the St. Paul Catholic Community in Pensacola, FL and later as Middle School Lead Teacher, 6-8 STEM Co-Teacher, Faculty Technology Mentor, iPad Coordinator and G-Suite Administrator as well as Youth Minister for St. John the Evangelist School in Panama City, FL.

In her five years at NCEA, Andrea gained national recognition as a leader, innovator, writer and speaker. She vastly improved and expanded the digital professional development offerings available to members and led the charge in content creation and strategic partnerships. She has served on multiple national committees contributing to the work not only of NCEA but of NCCL, NFCYM, the USCCB and many others. She recently earned the distinction of being an ISTE certified educator and works as a consultant and author for several Catholic publishers. Andrea has a B.A. in secondary education and history as well as an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership, both from St. Leo University and is currently pursuing an MBA.. She resides in Northern VA with her two teenage sons. You can connect with her on any social media platform @adkopp76 or find her on Saturday mornings via the #CatholicEdChat PLN on Twitter.

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Recorded January 26, 2021

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