107. Michelle Brown, Independence Mission Schools

This week we travel back to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to talk with Michelle Brown, the Chief Development Officer for the Independence Mission Schools (IMS). Michelle is responsible for raising more than $15M annually and overseeing communications, marketing, and public relations for the organization. Michelle brings 21 years of non-profit leadership experience in both fundraising and operational capacities, Michelle joined IMS in October 2019. Prior to this role, she served as the Director of Development at Mastery Charter Schools. AT MCS Michelle was responsible for overseeing fundraising strategy and implementation for a network of 24 urban public charter schools.

Independence Mission Schools (IMS):

IMS is an independent network of 15 Catholic schools providing a transformative Catholic education for students. IMS provides children of all faiths across the city of Philadelphia the opportunity to learn in a college preparatory environment. They assist students to grow in a culture of love, setting them on the path to a promising future.

Friendly Notes

I enjoyed speaking with Michelle this week and learning about her role at IMS. Next week, we’ll be talking more about year-end giving strategies with our guest, Lisa Quist. Also, happy All Saints and All Souls Day. I will remember your loved ones in my prayers this week. If you need prayer, please join our Kristin’s Crosses prayer group on Facebook. Click here to request to join. Also, if you would like to suggest a topic or guest for Advancing Our Church, please click here to send me an email. I’d love to hear from you! May God bless your ministry, Jim

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