106. Jim Choma, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System

Catholic Healthcare Systems serve a unique mission in the community and never has the mission been more important than during the pandemic. Join our host, Jim Friend, and his special guest, Jim Choma, Vice President for Catholic Mission and Chief Development Officer for Saint Peter’s Healthcare System. Mr. Choma shares stories of community partnerships and the incredible outpouring of generosity that continues to support their mission through the pandemic.

About Saint Peter’s Healthcare Sytem

Keeping faith with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and guided by the Bishop of Metuchen, Saint Peter’s University Hospital is committed to humble service to humanity, especially the poor, through competence and good stewardship of resources. Saint Peter’s ministers to the whole person, body, and spirit, preserving the dignity and sacredness of each life. They are pledged to the creation of an environment of mutual support among their employees, physicians, and volunteers and to the education and training of healthcare personnel. They are witnesses in their community to the highest ethical and moral principles in pursuit of excellence and patient safety.

Friendly Notes from Jim: In today’s intro, I mentioned the titles of Saint Joseph and I challenged you to reflect on the one that speaks to you. I have listed those titles at the bottom of this page, so just scroll down. Send me a message and let me know the one that speaks to you or join our Kristin’s Crosses prayer group on Facebook where we have a poll posted in the group. Click here to request to join.

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Titles of Saint Joseph

  • Renowned offspring of David
  • Light of Patriarchs
  • Spouse of the Mother of God
  • Chaste guardian of the Virgin
  • Foster-father of the Son of God
  • Diligent protector of Christ
  • Head of the Holy Family
  • Joseph most just
  • Joseph most chaste
  • Joseph most prudent
  • Joseph most strong
  • Joseph most obedient
  • Joseph most faithful
  • Mirror of patience
  • Lover of poverty
  • Model of artisans
  • Glory of home life
  • Guardian of virgins
  • Pillar of families
  • Solace of the wretched
  • Hope of the sick
  • Patron of the dying
  • Terror of demons
  • Protector of Holy Church

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