18. Kolbe Academy

Kolbe Academy will open in fall 2019 as the nation’s first, Catholic high school for students battling addiction. The Diocese announced the opening of Kolbe Academy on Sept. 7, 2018, at a press conference at St. Francis Center for Renewal, Monocacy Manor, Bethlehem. In this episode, Jim interviews Bishop of Allentown Alfred Schlert, Dr. Brooke Tesche, chancellor of education and John Petruzzelli, the principal of Kolbe Academy.

The school is the brainchild of Dr. Tesche who proposed the idea to Bishop Schlert. “Our goal is to do whatever it takes to give them the services they need,” said Tesche. “They need to learn how to live without drugs and alcohol in their lives. Faith is the critical element for their success. A key element in recovering is ‘surrendering.’ We can talk about it and explore it in a Catholic high school,” she said.

The logo for Kolbe Academy is a phoenix symbolizing rebirth, rising from flames and ashes, beating all life challenges and defeating hard times. The academy is named after St. Maximilian Kolbe, the patron saint of people struggling with addiction, prisoners and the pro-life movement. For more information about Kolbe Academy, please visit their website.

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