97. Return Home To The Eucharist

Join Changing Our World‘s Jim Friend and cohost, Anna Vallez, for a panel discussion with three pastors who share their experiences of adapting to a virtual environment over the past year. What lessons have they learned? What new parish practices have brought their communities closer together, and what will they carry forward into a post-pandemic Church? As parishioners begin to return home to Mass, how do these pastors think about returning to the real presence of the Eucharist and what steps will they take to welcome parishioners home? Hear how they have creatively engaged parishioners over the past year and how they are welcoming home them to the Lord’s Table. Our panel includes…

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Recorded on June 9, 2021

Celebrate Juneteenth on June 19 with these resources:

Advancing Our Church and Changing Our World encourage you to celebrate Juneteenth with your friends and family. Only through prayer, education, and discussion can we overcome the racial divides that separate God’s family. Below are some resources for you…

The National Black Catholic Congress

The Juneteenth Foundation

How to Celebrate Juneteenth – The New York Times

2021 Juneteenth – Educational resources

19 ways to celebrate Juneteenth as a family – The Today Show

Miss Juneteenth (Consider watching the 2020 Movie. See a preview and read a review on Rotten Tomatoes)

Podcast: The History of Juneteenth on NPR

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