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20. Summer Development Planning

Published: July 07, 2019

Summer Development Planning is an important time of year. What can your organization do differently for the 2019-20 fiscal year to raise more funds and meet the needs of your mission? Today, Jim Friend talks with Vanessa Dickerson and Fred Roberts, two of Changing Our World’s expert consultants, who share their experiences and recommendations. Some of the topics covered in our conversation include:

  • How to address the Church scandal from a development perspective,
  • What the development staff should focus on in the new fiscal year,
  • The importance of conducting a regular self-check and self-inventory on your development strategy,
  • Dealing with changes in the tax code,
  • Sacrificial giving of the parishes, and
  • The importance of making the ask.

We hope today’s conversation on summer development planning will inspire you. Fred, Vanessa, and Jim enjoyed the opportunity to explore ideas to help your mission.  If you have any follow-up questions or comments about today’s discussion, you can leave them in the comments below or email

Today’s guests: Fred Roberts is a Senior Director at Changing Our World. Fred brings over 20 years of fundraising experience to Catholic institutions nationwide. Vanessa Dickerson is a Director at Changing Our World. Prior to coming to CW, Vanessa was a Director at Ellis, Partners in Management Solutions, and a project manager for America Online.

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