Ask Congress to Include Aid for Nonpublic School Families in the Stimulus

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Campaign Background

The devastating economic effects of the COVID-19 virus have reached every sector of American society including Catholic schools, and their centuries-long tradition of serving families from all walks of life.

The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (Heroes) Act, H.R. 6800, passed the House May 15, would provide funding for state and local governments, assistance to hospitals, direct payments to American families along with funding unemployment insurance. It would extend unemployment benefits, expand the payroll protection program, and increase funding for food stamps and create a strategic plan for testing for the virus. The Heroes Act will prohibit Catholic schools from accessing the proposed $200 billion included in the legislation for education.

We are asking our representatives to:

Create Equitable services: Emergency relief for K12 education should continue to ensure equitable services are available to the private school community consistent with previous emergency disaster legislation.

Provide Direct Assistance to Families: Families of private schools should be considered as a part of the comprehensive needs of K12 education since private school students represent ten percent of the K12 student population. Funding should provide direct aid to families in the form of means-tested scholarships. This aid to families could be paired with dollar-for-dollar tax credits to scholarship granting organizations, encouraging lasting philanthropy and stability for families.

You can get involved by sharing the social media posts on these pages through your channels and networks and send an email to your representative. We are proud to partner with the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) on this important project.