1. A Rebuilt Parish

A Rebuilt Parish – Visiting Church of the Nativity

It’s our first Episode! Join me as I visit with parishioners at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland.  I also meet their pastor, Fr. Michael White and the Brandon Hollern, Director of Finances. In 2013 Fr. White and Michael Corcoran wrote the visionary book Rebuilt: The Story of a Catholic Parish.

Since that time, their story has captured the imaginations of parishes all around the country. Their story teaches how a parish community of 1,200 turned into a church that serves 4,000 people.  We also discuss how they raised over $12 million towards a major expansion project.

This episode is part one of our two-part episode which interviews Fr. White, Brandon and parishioners, Tony, Beth, Jen, and Elizabeth.  I was so grateful and inspired to attend Mass and be a part of what they call the “weekend experience” during Ministry Weekend.

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