About Us

Our History

The Advancing Our Church Podcast was launched in April 2017 because of the growing need to share best practices in Stewardship and Advancement with Catholic organizations.  The podcast experienced success, and the show interviewed officials from the USCCB, the Leadership Roundtable, and a few Bishops.  The podcast was even honored to be invited as part of the Media to cover the 2017 Convocation of Leaders in Orlando, Florida. While the show was on hiatus in 2018, the website and the podcast remained online.  To Jim’s surprise, over 16,000 individuals subscribed to the site throughout 2018.  In June 2019, the podcast was relaunched as part of the Changing Our World family with a focus on Catholic Stewardship, Leadership, and Advancement. 

Our Mission and Our Focus

Our mission is to produce a podcast that promotes the Catholic spirit and ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We promote Catholic Stewardship and Servant Leadership in our podcast to encourage others to do the same.

We are a national podcast with an eye on stories that are impacting our Church.