Episode 1: A Rebuilt Parish – Part 1

A Rebuilt Parish – Visiting Church of the Nativity

A Rebuilt Parish Part 1

It’s our first Episode! Join me as I visit with parishioners at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland and their pastor, Fr. Michael White and the Director of Finances, Brandon Hollern. In 2013 Fr. White and Michael Corcoran wrote the very popular book Rebuilt: The Story of a Catholic Parish. Since then, their story has captured the imaginations of parishes all around the country who are learning how this parish of 1,200 turned into a parish that serves 4,000 people on the weekend and how they raised over $12 million towards a major expansion project to serve their congregation.  

This is part one of our two part episode which interviews Fr. White, Brandon and parishioners, Tony, Beth, Jen and Elizabeth (who gave great interviews BTW).  I was so grateful and inspired to attend Mass and be a part of what they call the “weekend experience” during Ministry Weekend.  

This is our inaugural episode which I am launching a day early, Easter Sunday. Seems appropriate! You can find more information about our show on our website Advancing Our Church, follow up on Twitter @AdvancePodcast or join our Facebook Group. Please help share our show and subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or RSS Feed. You can also leave us a rating on iTunes – that helps too! Thank you and Happy Easter!