Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support the Catholic Church by promoting the principles Catholic Stewardship, leadership and Advancement. We envision a Catholic community that is fully engaged in the life of our Church and supported through an abundance of resources that promotes Jesus Christ in the world.

Our Show’s Focus

Each week will focus on one or more of the three core aspects of our show: Catholic Stewardship, leadership and Advancement.  It is our aspiration to speak with leaders in Arch/Dioceses, parishes, Catholic schools, foundations, benefactors and many more.  Guest hosts will join the show to bring their own expertise, experiences and perspectives on topics that promote the growth of the Catholic Church.

Our Goals

Our show will share best practices, success stories and spark the imagination of those who are attempting to move the ball forward in their own parish, school, diocese or Catholic nonprofit.  By sharing best practices, we all learn from each other and together we will advance the mission of our Church.