Episode 7: Catholic Stewardship with Jim Lanahan

Jim Lanahan - Advancing Our ChurchLet’s talk about Stewardship!

Meet Jim Lanahan, Director of Development for the Diocese of Camden. In my conversation with Jim we talk about implementing Stewardship and Development in a diocesan setting. Jim Lanahan brings a life-time career to fundraising. He has served in the Diocese of Camden for the past 17 years.  

What is Stewardship? How do we relate to our donors, board members and parishes the importance of adopting a spirituality centered around the 1992 Bishop’s Pastoral document, Stewardship: A Disciples Response? Making a connection between our faith and our need to give is at the heart of being a good steward.

Jim and I begin our conversation around team building and a program we both used called Strength Finders by the Gallup Organization.  We talk about staff development, organizing around your annual development plan and how the Holy Spirit can play a role to inspire our work.  

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