Episode 3 “Welcome to the Doghouse” St. James HS Alumni

Michael Ritz - Advancing Our Church

St. James High School Alumni:

The story of the St. James High School Alumni Association did not end with the closing of the high school in 1993.  The school’s alumni association has continued to raise funds and make an impact in the community for almost 25 years. In fact, several organizations have modeled portions their own alumni organizations after the Bull Dogs.  Join me for my interview with Michael Ritz, ’71, President of the St. James Alumni Association. 

St. James High School Alumni - Advancing Our ChurchThe current membership stands at over 1,600 active dues-paying members. The St. James has awarded over $1 million in tuition assistance to deserving young men and women enabling them to continue their Catholic education. They are currently supporting students with four year scholarships at five Philadelphia Archdiocesan High Schools. In addition, they have provided tens of thousands of dollars in financialSt. James High School Banner - Advancing Our Church contributions and services to many charitable organizations throughout their community. 

It was great fun visiting the “Dog House” with Michael Ritz.  I hope that if you are an alumni organization of a closed school you will reach out to the Bull Dogs for advice, they are happy to talk with you.  Visit the Bull Dog’s Alumni Association website at stjbulldogs.org. The legacy of the Bull Dogs lives on through the school that has become their namesake, visit St. James Regional School in Ridley Park’s site.  

Want more Bull Dogs? See a brief video of the Dog House and hear from some of the members by visiting You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrKZ7uUzcJM.

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